5 Sentimental Dog Memorial Gift Ideas for Grieving Pet Owners

doggie memorial 5 sentimental memorial gift ideas for owners grieving loss of pets
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Grieving a dog can be one of the most difficult times in our lives. Suddenly, our companion who has been with us every day is no longer. The pain can be paralyzing. When we see others in our lives dealing with this loss, it’s possible that we may not know how to help them.

The loss of a pet can be made more bearable with a proper send off. Similar to human funerals, closure can be found. This memorial may include a funeral service, an obituary, and an urn or gravesite to visit later in life when we miss our lost doggie.

Below are 5 sentimental dog memorial gift ideas to share with a friend or family member who is grieving the loss of their dog. We hope they help you.

1 – Letter Engraved Pendant Cremation Necklace

The letter engraved pendant cremation necklace is a touching way to memorialize one’s dog who has passed over the rainbow bridge. The necklace opens to hold a nominal amount of cremain ashes; therefore, the wearer can keep his or her dog close to their heart at all times. Personalize the necklace with the initial of your puppy. Alternatively, use your own initial.

Stainless Steel Memorial Necklace with Letter Engraved Pendant

2 – Small Gold Decorative Urn

The small gold decorative urn is a simple and classic piece, and it can be used as a dignified final resting place for your pup. The size of this urn allows for it to be displayed in a number of places; at work, on your desk, on your mantle, or even on your nightstand.

Gold Urn For Dog Ashes | Animal Funeral Ash Vase | Cremation Urn for Small Animal

3 – Personalized Pet Memorial Stone with Photo Frame

The personalized pet memorial stone with photo frame is a very personal tribute to your lost dog. Engrave your pet’s info into the stone. Also display a beloved photo of your companion to honor their memory forever. This item is a perfect gift for a grieving friend.

Personalized Pet Memorial Stone With Photo Frame For Dogs | Paw Print Grave For Pets | Monument Tombstone For Dogs

4 – Pet Memorial Gravestone with Photo Frame

This memorial gravestone with photo frame is a beautiful tombstone for your lost dog, and it is made to be displayed both indoors and outdoors. With the phrase “When tomorrow starts without me don’t think we’re far apart for every time you think of me I’m right here inside your heart.” engraved on this stone, it will forever be a touching memorial item.

Pet Memorial Stone | Paw Print Photo Frame | Pet Grave Monument | Tombstone For Dogs | Funeral Tombstone

5 – Memorial Paw Print Cremation Urn Ring

The memorial paw print cremation urn ring is a subtle, yet beautiful piece of memorial jewelry that can hold a nominal amount of your pet’s cremains. Keep your pet with you always with this gorgeous ring. It is available in two styles.

Dog Paw Cremation Urn Ring | Beloved Pet Ring Memorial Jewelry | Pet Memorial Jewelry | Dog Ashes Urn Ring


We are never prepared for the loss of our canine friends. But we can keep them with us forever in our hearts. We hope you the dog memorial gift ideas above inspire you. As such, may they aways stay with you.

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Thank you from The Doggie Memorial Team

Doggie Memorial is proud to provide you and your family with memorial jewelry, urns, gravestones, keepsakes and more to help you grieve the loss of your dog. Our dogs are our family members. They love us, comfort us, and care for us every day of their lives. In return, we aim to treat our dogs as family members.

Memorializing your lost dog is one of the most critical steps in the grieving process. We aim to help you and your family find the memorial item that best fits your needs. From personalized jewelry, custom headstones, or engrave-able urns, we’ve got something for everybody. Whether a memorial gift for yourself or a loved one, our products pay tribute to your late pup. A dignified farewell is best commemorated.

We fully believe that all dogs go to heaven. Whether they cross the rainbow bridge or simply become angels that watch over us, we’ll never know. But we always keep them in our hearts and minds. And we know that they are always watching over us from above.

A memorial item can help serve as a reminder of the good times or a beautiful tribute to your canine friend. Whatever the case, we hope our products bring you comfort. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us or reach out via email if you have any questions or concerns. It is our honor to serve you during such a difficult time. Thank you for putting your trust in us.

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